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Sunday, July 13, 2014

NICOLE'S REVIEW: Push by Eve Silver

Title: Push
Author: Eve Silver
Format Acquired: eARC
Publication Date: June 10 2014
Publishing House: Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN: 9780062192219
Source of Copy: Edelweiss


It's either break the rules or die.

Miki Jones lives her life by her own strict set of rules, to keep control, to keep the gray fog of grief at bay. Then she's pulled into the Game, where she - and her team - will die unless she followes a new set of rules: those set by the mysterious Committee.

But rules don't mean answers, and without answers, it's hard to trust. People are dying. The rules are unraveling. And Miki knows she's being watched, uncertain if it's the Drau or someone - something - else. Forced to make impossible choices and battling to save those she loves, Miki begins to see the Committee in a glaring new light. 

And then the Game crosses a new boundary, pushes harder into Miki's and her friends' lives, and there's nothing in the rules that can save them now.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


I read this book right after Crown of Midnight (thank the universe I gave the series another chance). I was in my give-the-sequel-a-chance phase and thought why not. If you've seen my review of Rush (HERE) you'll know that I'm not a fan but to my surprise Push is actually a touch better than its predecessor.

It's a mess. After the events in the first book there's no time for Miki to get her emotions sorted out as she's thrust right back into the Game. She has to deal with bloodthirsty aliens, teammates she can't trust and her growing worries about the Committee. Her feelings must not get in the way. But when things start to unravel and lines start to blur it's all or nothing for Miki and her team because survival is of the utmost importance and things just are not what they seem.

Miki does a little growing up in this book. I'm still not a fan but I can at least give her that. Jackson is still Jackson and I there's nothing about him to write home about. He's still a douche and I doubt that's going to change no matter how sweet he is on Miki. And yes, he's alive, he's okay and did we really doubt that he was going to be anything but? (Fans of Jackson please don't pelt me with rocks, who'll paint fabulous bookish manicures when I'm gone?) 

One good thing about Push is that we get a little more info about the Game. Oh it's still convoluted and messy but at least some things are starting to make sense. I guessed that there was something going on with the Committee and I was right. Miki sees Jackson's sister in the Game and they brush it off and the Drau are winning. Let's face it, a bunch of teenagers against vicious aliens out for blood? If I'm being truthful I think the human race is doomed and the odds are not in their favor. 

All in all fans of Rush will likely enjoy the sequel. I feel like something more should have happened and there is a cliffhanger in case you guys are wondering. I'll probably be reading the next book because I'm a glutton for punishment and I'm quite curious to see how the author will wrap this series up. So much questions left unanswered and all that.




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