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Review Policy

The Twins Read comprises of two individuals who will write their different perspectives about Young Adult books. Some books may be reviewed by both, some books may be reviewed by only one of them. This would not mean, however, that our opinions would be similar. No. One of us could love it, and the other would not entirely embrace the book. (Hey, it's happened before!) 

There is no special critique for books, whether gifted or sponsored. They will be subject to the criteria depending on the reviewer's rubric. If books are given a low rating, it is not a personal attack on the author. Similarly, a book that gets high ratings would not  mean that all books from the same author would enjoy the same ratings.

When books are given a negative rating, we are not saying that people should not buy them. We are just giving our personal opinions about the book/s, not the author/s. When you give us a copy of your book, please make sure that you understand that we will never sugarcoat our reviews. Our commitment is to our readers, and we would not allow our integrity to be compromised. In line with this, we never and will never charge for book reviews. If you have received an e-mail / message from "us" asking you to pay up, or to ply us with giftcards or whatnot, that is most definitely not us. Check our Contact Us page and only trust the information available there.

We must also emphasize that we are not professional book reviewers. We just want to spread our freakishly obsessive love for Young Adult books, and continuously hope that more people - especially children and other young adults - would learn to appreciate reading. 

Even though we are fast readers, we also have school work - and maybe even jobs. Even if the blog is a priority, we can only finish what they can and hope that you would understand their workload. We check our e-mail almost everyday, so you can still catch us there.

If we didn't reply back within a two-week period, chances are it is because you didn't read our review policy. As of the moment, we will not be entertaining requests from indie authors.

It would be most appreciated if book formats were actual copies of the texts, or eBooks (PDFs / Adobe Digital Files, most preferably) 

Any Young Adult novel is appreciated - there are no genres we would not read as long as it falls under the YA category. If it is part of a series, it is better to make sure that we have read it, or that the preceding titles are handed over as well. 

We would be honored to host sponsored giveaways. 

How will we protect the copies you have given us?
We know that every book authors manage to sell counts. If you want us to delete our eGalley copies as soon as we've read them, just drop us a line, no questions will be asked, and we will delete them as soon as we can. We will also never post eARCs / eGalleys / scanned versions of books on file-sharing sites. We understand the time, and the effort that authors pour into their books, so we want to protect you guys as well. 

If you want us to read a particular book sooner, say so in your review request. We can't promise that we can always commit to the time schedule you have in mind for us, but we will try our best to accomodate you. 

We will try to finish all books, even if we don't like them. We think that every copy is precious, so it deserves a proper review, just like any other book. And because younger readers may stop by the blog and peruse our reviews, our reviews are clean and we never include any swearwords. 

Any other queries would be gladly entertained through e-mail. (We don't bite, honestly!)