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About "The Twins"

First off, the Twins Read bloggers are not really twins. But they are often mistaken as such! The "Twins" also share the same love for nail polish, shopping, and books, making them seem more alike than they really are. They are in the habit of Skype-ing each other at night, even if they're busy with their respective school work.

Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm 21 years young, and I'm currently a fourth year university student at the Ateneo de Manila. I think this blog is already enough proof of how much I adore books. I especially love reading the things written on beauty products, especially the ones for hair care. I like traveling, and have no plans yet on what to do after graduation. Maybe pursue a Masters, or get another degree... I really have no idea on that front yet. I want to think that there's more to life than my comfort zone, and until I have enough time and courage to create a life story that's uniquely mine, I'll have to settle for the adventure that books will provide to expand my imagination.

Hey, I'm Nicole. I'm 20 years old and I'm currently a fourth year student at the University of Santo Tomas. The number of books I hoard is a testament to how much I love them. I like buying books, reading books and, strangely, wrapping books with plastic to keep them safe and clean and spiffy. I have this strange predilection for books bound in plastic and I will not read a book that isn't properly wrapped. I play around in Illustrator so all the banners, past/present/future, will most likely be made by me. Unless stated otherwise. I currently have no plans after college, I'd just like to do my practicum and pass my thesis. The rest is pretty much undecided although I'm thinking of dabbling in events planning or visual merchandising. I'd like to travel more in the future and learn how to surf.

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