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How did you guys get your books?
We either purchase them, or people / publishers / authors gift us our books.

Where specifically do you get them?
We usually get them from Fully Booked, Powerbooks, National Bookstore... Sometimes even at book fairs, or when we're traveling abroad. If Michelle can't get them anywhere, she sometimes resorts to Amazon. She has even bought books at Manila Seedling (a huge marketplace for plants), oddly enough. 

How do you guys choose which books to get?
Well, we read the book summaries and try to get a feel. If we like it, it goes into our list. No math goes into it, we promise!

Do you have a blogging schedule?
We try to update at least everyday, except Sundays. Sundays are reserved for joint book reviews and book tours.

Are you guys going to announce if ever you're going to be gone for a long time (hiatus) or whatever?
Of course we will! But as much as possible, we want the blog to be always updated with new content. Even if we're busy/swamped with other goings-on, we want to make sure that this blog is a priority of ours as well.

Do you prefer reading hardcover/paperback or digital editions?
As much as we love and respect the trees and the environment, for us, nothing can beat the feeling of having hardcover/paperback books. (Yes, we are ardent book sniffers!) Nicole can't read books that haven't been wrapped in plastic. Michelle sometimes hates the cold steel of her tablet and complains that it isn't as warm as the actual books. So yes, hardcover/paperback books all the way! 

I'm an indie author. Do you accept indie titles for review?
We're indefinitely postponing acceptances for indie titles. We feel that this is because we've deviated from the true purpose of our exclusive The Twins on Thursday memes, which is to think of creative interpretations for books we purchased and liked.

WHAT?! But you were indie-friendly before!
We still are! But like we said, we're just indefinitely postponing acceptances for indie titles. 

What if you guys have already accepted my request? Does this mean you won't review it anymore?
No. We made a commitment, and we're sticking to it.

How long should I wait for a response from you guys regarding ____?
We often respond in less than a week. To be sure though, please wait for two weeks. Whether the request is approved or denied, we will make it a point to inform you.

Do you guys participate in cover reveals?
Nope, we don't. Sorry!

You're both college students. How can you find time to review books?
We always have time for books. Books are like, our TV. Nicole, in particular, DEVOURS books even if she is swamped with homework.

Why start a blog?
We feel that there aren't enough young people who appreciate reading books. When we thought about it, we came to the conclusion that the problem may be that they aren't reading the right books! We may not be professional book critics, but we came up with this blog to show our readers what books they may be missing out on.

So... What makes your blog unique from all the other YA book review blogs?
This blog is ours and we run it the way we want to. I think that's the best distinction we have as compared to other blogs.

What were your lives like before this blog?
Oh. Well, there's no easy way to say this without sounding like the total shut-ins we are, but... We basically had (and still have) no life. For real. Life only consisted of trying to do homework, going to our respective classes, cramming homework, surfing the net, and reading books day after day. It's a rut we wouldn't wish on anyone. As for anyone who feels that there's nothing happening in their life right now, do something. Do what you love best and make yourself busy. Challenge your comfort zone a little.

Do you love conspiracy theories?
Oh lord - YES!!! Sometimes over Skype, we throw theories/scenarios/what-ifs to each other and start shrieking at our impending 'doom'. (We're looking at you, Google Glasses!)

What are the names of the fonts you used?
For the header, Nicole used a font named A Song for Jennifer. As for the signature, Michelle got Sketch Serif from

Who makes your layout?
Nicole is in charge of the logo, banners, memes, etc. Michelle edits templates and does some HTML customization.