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Rating System

The book was unbelievable! It was mind-blowing, and the reviewer/s couldn't keep out of their heads for days. It goes without saying that this book is HIGHLY recommended.
The book was really good, although it lacked something for it to fall short of one rainbow. Again,  a book like this is still very much recommended.
The book garners mixed feelings from the reviewer/s. The book is on the boundary between "okay" and a sort of "dislike".

This book was nothing special. These are the kind of books that the reviewer/s isn't/aren't sure if it's even worth the effort to pick it up at all. Needless to say, this book was read with a cocked eyebrow and spurred several arguments inside the head of the reviewer/s.
The reviewer/s practically had to force themselves to finish the book. Even having one rainbow is pretty much a miracle in itself. The book is not recommended at all.

Well, this is awkward. Books under this rating are either books that the reviewers did not finish reading, or books that just made the reviewer/s cringe a lot in its entirety. This book is not recommended.