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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jenny Han Book Signing Recap

So this happened on June 21 2014. We got to to meet Jenny Han! Author of Shug, The Summer trilogy, the Burn for Burn trilogy and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

Here she is fiddling with a can of coke. 
(Michelle: Goodness, Nicole - THAT'S the caption for this one? REALLY?!)

Asian eyes! Here's a photo of Michelle and her green hair with Jenny.
(Michelle: I dyed my hair green to somehow match Jenny's dress. Because I'm psychic and I knew what shade she'd be wearing. I kid. I think.)

Asian eyes part 2. Nicole and her F21 bag with Jenny. (Nicole: Can I just say I love how Chad mentioned to Jenny that I love nail art too and was featured on BuzzFeed once. Like, I can't believe he knew that!)

The bloggers with Jenny Han.

Here's a shot of the crowd in National Bookstore. Everyone was so excited to see Jenny!

Here's Nicole's pile of signed books.

Here's Michelle's pile of signed books plus a To All The Boys I've Loved Before pen.

A few tidbits from the forum:

1. Jenny loves nail art! (Of course Nicole had to ask, she stalked Jenny's Instagram.) She gets her nails done at a Japanese salon in NY called Studio L which uses Calgel and takes around two hours to finish. She had on Beyonce decals during the signing which were ultra fab. She also has a Tumblr for her nail art: justanothermanimonday

2. For fans of Jeremiah, don't expect a spin-off (Michelle: I'm a Conrad girl, but I HAD TO KNOW. I wanted to know why Jeremiah did what he did!) Jenny says that Jeremiah's left at a good place when the story ended. She wasn't as worried about him as she was Conrad because he's more sensitive and if the story didn't end the way it did, Conrad might be in his little dark hole for a while.

3. Top Five Celebrity Crushes! Alexander Skarsgard. (Michelle: AYIEEEEEEEEE!) Daryl from the Walking Dead. Jamie Lannister (Nicole: because he's still a cutie even without the hand) Seo in Guk and Jo In Sung and some cop from the Killing (we actually don't know who he is).

4. Jenny and Siobhan Vivian met in David Levithan's class! Which is how they ended up becoming best friends and writing a novel together. Siobhan also has a film writing background and she's better at story telling and plotting. Jenny's all about characterization and dialogue.

5. Jenny has written embarassing love letters to the boys she's loved before. And they are in her hatbox. Unsent.

Thank you so much to National Bookstore for inviting us and to all our blogger friends for the super wonderful event. 

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