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Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Announcement: Hiatus Until the 18th

Hey guys, if you've noticed our lack of posts and comments, you can blame our stressful schoolwork for that. We're having our finals, so we've decided to be on hiatus until March 18, 2013. We've tried to keep the blog up and running during this stressful time, but despite our efforts, we're unable to keep up, and we don't want to give you guys half-baked reviews. By then, we'll be resuming our posts and regular updates again.

Hope you guys understand the pressure we're under. (Straight nights of no sleep for us, boo!)

Michelle and Nicole


  1. I just went through a hiatus and comeback and no sweat at all! It's nice once in a while to give a break. It's all at your own pace. ^^

  2. School always gets in the way of everything. Good luck on your exams!

  3. We understand the pressure, of course! I think we all have busy times and school is very important. Good luck both of you! :D


  4. Good luck on your finals! (:
    You'll both do awesome on it, don't worry!