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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NICOLE'S REVIEW: Her Dark Curiousity by Megan Shepherd

Title: Her Dark Curiosity
Author: Megan Shepherd
Format Acquired: ARC
Publication Date: January 28 2014
Publishing House: Balzer + Bray  
ISBN: 9780062296641
Source of Copy:  HarperCollins


Months have passed since Juliet Moreau returned to civilization after escaping her father's island - and the secrets she left behind. Now, back in London once more, she is rebuilding the life she once knew and trying to forget Dr. Moreau's horrific lefacy - though someone, or something, hasn't forgotten her.

As people close to Juliet fall victim one by one to a murderer who leaves a macabre calling card of three clawlike slashes, Juliet fears one of her father's creations may have also escaped the island. She is determined to find the killer before Scotland Yard does, though it means awakening sides of herself she had thought long banished, and facing loves from her past she never expected to see again.

As Juliet strives to stop a killer while searching for a serum to cure her own worsening illness, she find herself once more in the midst of a world of scandal and danger. Her heart torn in two, past bubbling to the surface, life threatened by an obsessive killer - Juliet will be lucky to escape alive.

        (Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


Note that this is a sequel and a review for the previous book, The Madman's Daughter right can be found HERE

Juliet's back in London trying to make sense of things and make a new life for herself. Figuring out medicine to stay her illness is just one of her problems. There is talk of new murders around town and the killer leaving behind a calling card - three slashes on the victims eerily similar to what happened on her father's island. She's afraid that one of her father's monsters followed her back to London and she has no choice but to help put an end to it before another hapless innocent dies.

Poor Juliet, she has a new life - better than her last but things start going wrong when the murders start. If you're guessing it's Edward than give yourself a pat on the back. Juliet is torn between keeping him safe and finding a cure for his condition and ultimately destroying the creature that shares the same body as her beloved Edward. She makes a lot of stupid decisions which were born out of a mix of desperation and loneliness. But I suppose that's what I like about her. I mean we all make stupid decisions, why can't she? She never pretended to be perfect.

The Beast's obsession with Juliet is reason for the murders he commits - no one hurts the love of his life and the Beast will allow nothing to come in between them. I understand also her connection to Edward and why she's so adamant to save him and find a cure for him. She's desperate for a cure because if she cannot cure Edward, if he is not worthy of saving, then how about herself? 

I truly like Shepherd's writing. The story is dark, desperate and action packed filled with twists and turns and weird science that, if you think about it hard enough, doesn't quite mesh. So don't think too hard on it. Just go with it. 

Her Dark Curiosity is a step up from the first book. I liked this better. Probably because Juliet is toeing the line of her morality and seeing just how like her father she can be. I can only wonder what's going to happen in the next book.  



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