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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MICHELLE'S REVIEW: Elegy by Amanda Hocking

Title: Elegy
Author: Amanda Hocking
Format Acquired: Hardcover
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Publishing House: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781250005670
Source of Copy: Purchased from National Bookstore

An ancient curse robbed Gemma Fisher of everything that matters most - her friends, her family, and the guy she loves. But now that she's found the scroll that binds the curse, she finally has a chance to get her old life back. She just needs to destroy the scroll and she'll become human again - but it's not as easy as she hoped. Protected by ancient magic, the scroll seems utterly indestructible. Making matters worse, Penn has grown even more obsessed with stealing Daniel for herself... and she's about to succeed.

Gemma's frantic search leads her to someone who might be able to help: the mysterious immortal who cursed Penn and her sisters thousands of years ago. As Gemma and her friends unravel the tragic history of the curse, they plunge deeper into a world of shocking secrets and twisted vendettas - and it'll take all their courage, love, and the power of their friendship just to survive. Gemma has so much to fight for and she's never wanted anything more, but will it be enough to stop her enemies.

(Image and information courtesy of Goodreads; Summary lifted from actual book)


Elegy is the final installment to the Watersong series. You can check out the review for  the previous books by clicking on the titles: Wake, Lullaby, and Tidal.

When one of the Sirens becomes Gemma's ally, she stands more of a fighting chance to revert back to her original human state. Penn, the cruelest of the Sirens, keeps a watchful eye on Gemma, and the only thing keeping her from killing Gemma is the deal she struck with Daniel, Harper's boyfriend. Time is ticking for Gemma because the only way to get rid of the Sirens once and for all is to break the curse before anyone else gets roped in a game of life and death.

I know I've somehow said that Gemma did a lot of growing up in Tidal, but I think her character in Elegy only clinches it. There are things in Elegy which I'm pretty sure that the old Gemma would've been too hesitant of doing, but she's pretty much grown into herself and shows readers that she's done with other people trying to save her, because really, the only one who can get her out of this mess is herself. Sure, Harper is still hellbent on finding a way to save her, but it's really only Gemma who can stop the madness the Sirens, nee Penn, is bent on raising. On that note, I think Harper's friend Marcy kept stealing the spotlight when she was in the scene. I found it a bit hard to commiserate with Gemma and Harper when Marcy kept doling out dry one-liners that had me cracking up, and I so do wish that I could read an extended story or something focusing on her.

While I do appreciate the author trying to tie up the loose ends as this is the last book for the series, I do find some things to be terribly too convenient for Gemma and Harper. Sure, coincidences happen, but I just can't seem to shake it out of my mind that they're almost too lucky to have a lot of access to contacts that I'm sure would be terribly hard to find. Like needle-in-a-haystack hard. With that being said, the plot for this one then runs a bit weaker, even if the end is quite solid.

Despite Elegy being a bit shady on the parts where we find out how to break the curse, I do think that the final book in the series is pretty okay. It won't really keep you up at night, but it won't have you crying into your soup either. (Well, I did a little, because I so badly wanted Daniel to be real. But that's another story.)



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